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Do you Reasons to Boost Yourself envy all those couples in love who lurk around you? However, there are lots of things that couples envy singles. Here are 10 good reasons to be proud of your celibacy and above all to enjoy it. Because there will come a day when all this will be well and truly over…

1. Be Available All The Time

A last minute plan between friends? An improvised trip? A farewell that ends later than expected? No need to “see with darling” or check their schedule beforehand. Being single is doing what you want when you want without having to give an account. Happiness.

2. Sleep Diagonally

Spread out, slouch, twist and turn in all directions to find the SharekAlomre ideal position, take one side of the bed and then the other if you feel like it, put dozens of cushions around you, add a duvet because you’re cold, don’t put it on at all because you’re hot, and even snore if you want. But above all, don’t have to put up with someone else’s snoring or nocturnal fidgeting. In a word, the foot!

Singles 10 Good Reasons to Boost Yourself RussianBrides

3. Watch The New Star – Reasons to Boost Yourself

And Confessions In times and Star Academy and even the Chits in Mykonos if you want. Better yet: watch Dirty Dancing and/or Pretty Woman over and over without having to put up with unpleasant comments from a guy who is not interested in anything except Tele Foot.

4. Being Able to Hang Out At Home… In Bulk

Stay in your pajamas (Winnie the Pooh) all day on Sunday, no makeup, hair all over the place, a pineapple mask on your face, eyebrows in battle and questionable breath… Do not tidy up, do not no cooking, just hanging out without asking questions… Isn’t life beautiful?

5. Not Having to Put Up With Your Quirks – Reasons to Boost Yourself

The unstoppered tube of toothpaste, the toilet seat raised, his belongings that he (she) does not put away, his snoring and even worse, his problems with flatulence in bed SharekAlomre.Com (Prince Charming, my eye), his stinginess, his beatings incessant wire to his mother, his dirty laundry systematically thrown next to the basket… In short, these little things of nothing at all that can ruin your life .

6. Pick up Who You Want When You Want

Him ? Yeah, not bad. She ? Why not. And her there? Come on, chick. Being single means having the field of the possible wide open in front of you, it’s not being afraid to look at a pretty girl or a hot guy without risking taking one, who says better?

7. Eat Whatever You Want – Reasons to Boost Yourself

No need to choose your menus based on what he likes or dislikes. No need either to give up seafood (which you love!) because Mr. is allergic or to go on a diet to accompany darling. And when you open a packet of candy, it’s to eat it on your own. Sometimes there are things we don’t like to share.

8. Do Not Wax If You Want

Girls, you don’t need to watch your hair 24/7 and suffer once a week to have a dream swimsuit. Let yourself go when you want (especially in winter, it keeps you warm), and put on very opaque tights to hide your fleece. How so, yuck?

9. Dating Exes – Reasons to Boost Yourself

Yes, being single is also that: being able to see your exes again , call them, send them text messages (even ambiguous ones) without fearing a scene of jealousy and stupid ultimatums.


10. Telling Yourself That The Best Is Yet to Come

But more than anything, being single means still having lots of intense things to discover: a magical encounter, the intoxicating sensations of first dates, a beating heart, shaking legs, butterflies in your stomach, the hours spent on the phone… And the happiness of having finally found a soul mate.

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