5 Bad Reasons to Enter Into Relationships

Being with someone can be a great experience. Enter Into Relationships When you meet someone you are attracted to, fit together, and genuinely like each other, few things can compete with the joy of time together.

However, just like in the insurance policy, here too there is a lot of exceptions and inscriptions in tiny print. One is that you’ll only experience it when you enter into a relationship for SharekAlomre.com good reasons. Otherwise, a hurricane of negative emotions, problems and wasted time will roll through your life.

Based on the observation of dozens of unsuccessful couples, I can say that there are five reasons why you should not decide to start a relationship.

Bad reason # 1: Because you think the relationship will make you happy

Each time I am surprised how many people expect a relationship to fix their lives. Such people are unhappy, their days are slipping through their fingers, they do not implement their plans, but they count on the fact that when they start being with someone, they will move off the hoof.

It will be a magical border, beyond which you will get happiness tied with a red ribbon and give it your best. In the relationship, you will finally take care of yourself, stop eating at night, submit your papers for your dream studies and stop deliberating on what has not come out of your life so far.

By thinking this way, you are relinquishing responsibility for your life and counting on someone to put all your shattered pieces back together. You just know what? Nobody will. You can only count on a good relationship to increase your happiness, but if you don’t take care of it beforehand , you will achieve the same as multiplying zero. Whether you multiply zero times 10, 100 or a million, you’ll still end up having nothing.

Bad reason # 2: Because you’re afraid of being alone

Nothing scares you as much as the silence that awaits you when you get home from work. You feel empty and you are afraid that you may not meet the right person to fill it. Maybe it’s better to be with anyone than wait. It’s better than loneliness, isn’t it?

Well, it isn’t.

I know insecurity is difficult, but it’s not a reason to get involved with random people. Uncertainty accompanies everything. Literally. And you can deal with it. You also don’t know if you will find your dream job when you go to college, but you still give yourself a chance instead of going straight to the job you hate. You’re not sure your business will survive, but you set it up anyway. Not only that, you don’t even know if the party you are going to will be successful, but you decide to check it out instead of SharekAlomre sitting at home in your pajamas stained with ketchup.

If you do things differently in relationships, it’s not a good choice. Even if being single is bad, I can guarantee you that being in an unsatisfactory relationship is even worse . Unfortunately, following your fear of loneliness, you have no chance. This way you don’t look at the other person and think, “Wow!” Or even “You’re okay with me,” and if you genuinely don’t like her, how are you supposed to be satisfied with being with her?

5 Bad Reasons to Enter Into Relationships  Russianbrides 2022

Bad reason # 3: Because everyone else already has someone

There is a moment in life when you see that everyone around you is meeting someone.

And then everyone else gets married.

And then these couples have children.

You look at it and you have this terrifying feeling that others tick off points on your to-do list and you get left behind. You think that this is the moment when it is appropriate to be with someone.

The desire to fit in with others is tempting. It is also natural, because for the first part of your life you do what everyone else does. You go to Enter Into Relationships kindergarten and school at the same age. At a similar age, he also tries alcohol and goes to his first job.

Later, however, these life paths diverge completely. After graduation, everyone already goes their own way and it does not matter that someone is going faster, someone is slower, and still someone else is driving along serpentine like from the Dolomites. Do you know why? Because everyone has (or at least should have) a slightly different goal.

When you realize this, it will dawn on you that the question we have is whether when others jump off a bridge, you also jump is not that stupid. You don’t have to do what others do at the same time and in the same way. Otherwise, will you get married because others do, decide to Enter Into Relationships have children because others have them, and then decide to divorce just because someone next to you is divorcing?

The decisions you make should be based on the fact that you think they are good for you. This is maturity.

Bad reason # 4: Because you want to live up to someone else’s expectations

Maybe the grandmother is crying. That she would like to see her favorite grandson or granddaughter get married. Maybe your parents want to hear the patter of little feet and it turns out that they didn’t mean that you should start dating a girl who is 155 cm tall. Maybe the person you are with is also pushing you, because it’s time to take the next step.

What these situations have in common is that you start to wonder whether or not to do it. After all, then everyone will be so happy!

The only question is, will you also be in this lucky group? If not, it’s not a good idea. These are not the people who will be in this relationship. They won’t live your life for you. They will not wake up with that person. Therefore, their happiness, expectations and longings Enter Into Relationships should not be your reference point. It should only be what you want and how you feel about the other person.

Bad reason # 5: Because you’re completely different, but you love someone

This is a very tricky situation. It looks like you’re dating a fantastic person you love. But it’s not that simple, because, for example, you have completely different priorities and expectations. Or this person is great, but treats random people better than you, because they show you contempt and hostility interspersed with apologies and the words “Never again”. Or, everything is perfect, except that this person already has a different family.

Since childhood, we have been told that love is the most important thing, so it’s easy to say, you have to turn a blind eye to all these flaws. However, I do not think Enter Into Relationships that the fact that you love someone is not enough to be with someone.

First , love changes. Initial feelings evaporate. Excitement is replaced by bond, closeness and tenderness (if you can build them) or emptiness (if you can’t). Pink glasses are falling off the nose. Belly butterflies begin to fly elsewhere. However, the red flags and the problems remain as strong as they were from the beginning. Some of them can be removed, but the most serious ones are unsolvable.

Second , being with someone is much more than just feelings. What one feels for someone is just one of the many pieces of the puzzle that make up a relationship. Being with someone is also solving everyday problems, thousands of daily tasks, the way you talk, your needs, compatible or conflicting priorities …

In all of this, love is the icing on the cake. The question is, is it worth eating the whole cake because of the icing itself?

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I don’t know if you can see what these five points have in common. If you still don’t see it, what they have in common is compromising, forgetting yourself, and telling yourself that you need to be with someone to be happy.

This way, you lose sight of what you want, and being with Enter Into Relationships anyone becomes a ticking point on your list.

The problem is that you don’t get into good relationships out of wanting to be with anyone. They are created only when you want to be with this person, you see the next years together as a promise of an exciting adventure, and at the same time you treat each other well and you see your future in the same way.

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