Date in A Restaurant: 5 Rules You Need to Know.

A date in a restaurant is a great way to spend time with another person and an opportunity to get to know each other better. Relationships between men and women as well as certain models of behavior have been governed by numerous rules and conventions for centuries. Especially in such a popular place as a restaurant. Our world is changing dynamically, however, and many conservative views require revision.

Who Chooses the Place?

The final choice of the place, as a rule, lies with the woman, but it is the man who should come up with the proposal. It is certainly not worth proposing a restaurant that you do not know. The exception to this is the idea of ​​a date or a few meetings where you will discover completely new places. Otherwise, it is better not to tempt fate and show your knowledge of interesting places.

However, this is not a golden rule today. Women also have their favorite places and nothing prevents the fair sex from taking the initiative and setting itself as the host.

Moderation in Dress

Women will likely spend more time with them, while men will wear something a few minutes before going out. But how to choose an outfit to show that you care and at the same time to feel at ease? There are plenty of tips and strategies, but the main rule is that both people on a date should feel comfortable, so the outfit should not embarrass you or the other person. This will be the case if you don’t overdo it either way.

As a rule, clothes should be classy and appropriate to the place at the restaurant. Since the restaurant has already been selected, it is worth paying attention to how its guests are dressed and maintaining a similar level of elegance. If you dress too exuberantly or too loose, you won’t feel at ease or intimidate the other person, yet boldness is the basis of a successful date.

Entrance to the Restaurant – Savoir Vivre Minefield

There are a number of rules governing a man’s behavior towards a woman, such as opening the door (the more important thing is that the woman does not have to open it herself, not that she has to cross the threshold first), leading to a table (yes, here the man definitely goes ahead and removes other obstacles along the way), moving the chair away (it is worth signaling in advance that the chair is moving away for your partner, not for yourself), and a few other, less popular ones, the knowledge of which can sometimes do more harm than help. Why? Because courtesy is not meant to embarrass the other person.

Dating is meant to help two people get to know each other. Certainly, a man who knows and can apply the above rules will make a positive impression on his partner, but it is worth observing her and being careful not to overdo it. The woman, in turn, should accept these courtesies and let the man prove himself. However, if one of the parties does not feel comfortable in such a role, FlirtWith it may be worth talking about it and making it an interesting topic for conversation. There are many ways to show respect or show good manners. It is not always necessary to pull out all the cannons.

Date in A Restaurant 5 Rules You Need to Know.  Russianbrides

Submit an Order – Date in A Restaurant

It should be a pleasure. It’s also a great excuse to talk about what you like and don’t like. If one of the parties has already been to a given place, they can share their impressions and culinary experiences. Ordering something new is always exciting, and talking about your culinary tastes is a safe and fun topic to break the ice cream. When ordering a dish, it creates a focal point for further discussion of flavors and sensations. In this situation, it is worth being honest and expressing your opinion boldly.

If you have trouble making a choice or recommending something, you can always ask the waiter for advice. As a rule, a man should help his partner in choosing by suggesting a few suggestions.

Paying is Not a Reason to Argue – Date in A Restaurant

Basically a simple topic; everyone knows the man pays. It is not about the gender itself, but about. Who invited whom – but because the initiative in this matter usually lies with men, they also have to pay. There are, however, the opposite situation. In which the woman initiates the meeting and decides to pay. Regardless of who was the first to offer to cover the bill. The other person may propose to split the bill or object, saying that he / she will pay. The whole bill. Opencard holders may in this case point out. That half of the bill will be covered by the card anyway, so there is no need for the other person to add anything.

If the inviting person wants to pay, it is good practice to accept this fact, or to express an objection once. It is polite to give a gift to someone, but it is also polite to accept it. An opportunity to repay may be just around the corner, in a flower shop, in a cinema or in a taxi.

However, remember that it all depends on your temperament, and some rules are made to be broken. Don’t stick to them and remember the Golden Rule – a date should be fun and have a lot of fun.

Where to Go on a Date? 3 Cool Places From Warsaw: Date in A Restaurant

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