Love In Different Languages. Did you make a New Year’s resolution to improve your love life? Or do you want to find someone special before Valentine’s Day? Maybe it’s time to try being bilingual! Our new survey, conducted in collaboration with language learning app Babbel, has found that speaking multiple languages ​​can make you appear more attractive.

A partnership from YourChristianDate between EliteSingles and Babbel (the world’s 1 highest-grossing language learning app) the survey interviewed over 6,000 singles from 11 countries. 2 The results, obtained from anonymous user data, revealed an interesting fact. All over the world, speaking different languages ​​increases your chances of love. In fact, three-quarters (75%) of those surveyed say they find it attractive when someone speaks more than one language.

In the US, this result is even more pronounced: Of the 700 Americans in the survey. 78% said they are more attracted to people who can speak another language.

The survey also revealed another surprising fac. Multilingualism or bilingualism is not only attractive but is actually considered more swoon-worthy than classic pull factors like having a 6-pack or an athletic build. In fact, nearly all US respondents (93%) would rather date someone with great language skills than someone with a body honed for the gym.

Love in Different Languages ​​is a Sign of Intelligence

The main reasons for choosing language over appearance have to do mainly with American singles who prefer worldly matches. 42% say their attraction is because they find other cultures interesting. While 23% say they like the mystery of a foreign language. For an extra 20%, it’s because being able to talk about things like love in different languages ​​is a sign of intelligence.

Whatever the reason, understanding other definitely good for your love life – great news for the 55% of American respondents who can speak more than one language! Why should singles speak more than one language?



The survey also revealed that 61% of Americans would learn a language to improve their romantic prospects, and the survey suggests doing so is far from a bad idea.

In fact, singles who speak more than one language may find that it broadens their dating pool. “Being able to communicate is fundamental to human interaction,” explains Julie Hansen, CEO of Babbel USA. “It is no wonder that in 2018. In the global society. We all live in, being able to speak other languages ​​is a quality so important in a partner.

Sophie Watson, a spokesperson for EliteSingles, agreed, saying that “connection and good communication are vital parts of a first date, especially if you want to land a second date”. She adds that “this survey goes to show what we and our members have known for a long time. The most attractive muscle in the body is the mind!

Boosting attraction is as easy as a deux trois.

So, of all the languages ​​you could start learning, which one is the most appealing? When it comes to finding love in other languages, Americans emerged as classic romantics: French ranked first. With 53% of those surveyed calling it the Romance language to rule them all. Meanwhile, the second most popular language to get hearts pumping was Italian, with 32% of the vote, followed by Spanish with 30%.

Simply having a French accent is popular, too. 46% of Americans agree it’s the most attractive foreign accent in the world. It is followed by Italian with 42%, British English with 28%, Australian and Spanish (both with 25%) and Irish with 23%.

How to talk about love in different languages.

So what is the best way to improve your language skills and therefore your love life in 2018? Obviously learning a new language is a process best-done step by step, but if you feel inspired to get started right away, YourChristianDate.Com, EliteSingles, and Babbel are here to help. We have put together a quick guide to words for love in different . Do you want a French speaker to know that you adore them? Do you feel like learning Italian for ‘I love you’? Start here.

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