Based on contemporary behaviors between men and women, we can classify do relationships into three types:


A couple that stays together for many years where death is the only thing that separates them, like the relationships of our parents and grandparents, where the man remained in his masculine energy and the woman in her feminine. And that no matter what happened, they would stay together. The family always comes first. Everything was done together. The woman in her feminine role and the man in his role of provider;


It’s the flame that brings you back to life, what you needed after a heartbreak, loss, sadness or even having been without a relationship for a long time;


This is where most people were or are. It is defined by one or more purposes. We’re not very aware of it, but go back to your last relationship and think. When we become aware of this, it gives us comfort because it could have been for having children, for loving, learning to love, learning to love ourselves, learning to value or to value ourselves.

The problem is wanting to change the natural course of the relationship. Wanting, for example, that the awakening lasts for a long time. Or that the purpose, which has already lost its purpose, wants it to go away forever.

Don’t confuse duration with relevance. It is important to know that difficult moments and conflicts exist and that the couple needs to manage them in a healthy way so that they grow and move on. The good thing is when it’s worth being together because it doesn’t have to be forever, let it be infinite while it lasts.

The month of January arrived and with it that pleasant feeling of having the opportunity to start over, to rethink, to rebuild, finally doing a general cleaning. In all this cleaning DilMil we can take the opportunity to clean more than that, we can also focus on internal cleaning as well as resentments.


External Cleaning- Closets and Drawers

1- Open the closet and take out the pieces you don’t use. The rule is clothes you haven’t worn in 1 year must come out of the closet. Except for the classics, girls don’t despair. Donate your clothes to people you know will appreciate your generosity.

2- Remove photos of ex romantic relationships from your life. Take past love letters from your house, burn them or put them outside.

3- Take pictures of the walls that express loneliness, alienation and individuality and put images of union, partnership, relationships.

4- Make your bedroom a place to relax and sleep alone. Don’t put an office together, if you need to, then isolate this area at bedtime. Take sheets that remind someone of the past.

5- Accumulated papers is a source of stagnant energy. The piles of papers that are formed over time are a big impediment for positive energy to flow into your life bringing project accomplishments. The rule is: Take the paper, analyze its importance and  A – File it if it’s an important document  B – If it’s a task, execute it or put a date to do it  C – Tear it up and throw it away. Finally, leave your desk clean.

6- Change the furniture, renovate your home.

7- Buy colorful, cheerful flowers that attract you the most.

With these small actions you will clearly feel the energy of your home change, become lighter and more pleasant. Now imagine with the next step.

Internal Cleansing – Resentments

What does resentment cost us?

Having a resentment towards someone is like setting fire to our own body and wanting the other person to get burned. According to Aurelio, the meaning of resentment is to feel again, to suffer the consequences of something again. What does it really cost us to have resentment for someone, a situation or a circumstance? In many cases it can cost our future and our health.

One of the characteristics of resentful people is that they complain that they can’t move forward in their lives, that they feel stagnant because they spend too much of their energy in the past, hence the feeling of stagnation. Here is a practice that can help you in this regard.


Take a piece of paper and make a list of people you resent for some reason.

“Who am I carrying resentment for?”
From this list, choose the person you feel most resentful of. Answer each question below for this person. When you can, get the other people and answer the questions for each one of them.

1- Why do I carry resentment towards this person?
2- What is my part of responsibility in this situation? There is always a part of our accountability, even if it is 1%, but there is. To understand better, think: Where did I allow this to happen, where did I stop putting barriers?
3- What can I learn from this experience?

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Realize that from the moment you stop and analyze each of your negative feelings, you will feel the lightness it is to free yourself from them.

Get rid of this great burden from your shoulders that brings nothing but a great weight to your soul.

Start 2022 in the best way possible, making this January a different month than previous years. It will not only be the first month of the year, but the month of actions, determinations and transformations.

Throw away the external and internal garbage and feel the immense lightness of being able to live without them.

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