How to be Happy? 6 Things That Will Help You

What do you care about in your life? How to be Happy The respondents of “Familiady” would probably answer simply: “To be happy.” However, if you asked them how to be happy, they would probably be speechless.

The truth is that happiness is different. There are people whose car breaks down, and they will scratch their heads and after a while they will call a tow truck without a trace of regret. Others will get a star from the sky and ask why she is so small. Some drift somewhere between bliss and excitement only sometimes experiencing darker feelings. In other people the opposite is true, and if you believe scientists, it’s largely inborn.

On the other hand, the good news is that you can control your well-being to stay in your upper satisfaction registers, and not count down the next lows. Winning the lottery won’t do much for you (research shows, but I would prefer to check it out for myself), but researchers say six other elements are worth taking care of.

First, take care of the amount of earnings (up to a certain level)

It is said that money does not bring happiness , but if you want to be a happy person, it will not hurt you. First of all, money prevents various life dramas. The facts are that sickness, accidents, divorce, loneliness and other adverse events hit the poor much harder. Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman found that headache increases the percentage of people who feel sad and anxious at all levels in society. However, in the case of people who live relatively well, it increases from 19% to 38%, while in the poorest part of society it starts from 38% and reaches the level of 70%. On the other hand, the weekend rest is much less beneficial for them than for all the others.

The same researcher collected data showing that the increase in life satisfaction goes hand in hand with the increase in earnings up to the level of $ 75,000 a year, or about PLN 300,000. Does this mean that you should earn about PLN 25,000 a month to achieve maximum satisfaction with life? Not necessarily. Most often, we evaluate our lives in relation to others and we feel better if our situation is better than that of our “neighbors”. This means that the earnings of PLN 25,000 in the millionaire community YourLatinMates are much less than in a medium-sized city. However, it is worth trying to get more in each case.

How to be Happy 6 Things That Will Help You  RussianBrides 2022

Second, focus on flexibility

If you ask any person when they will be happy, they will throw you a list of activities they like and would like to experience more. However, as important as WHAT is done is WHEN it is done.

People who have great freedom in setting the rhythm of their work are much more satisfied with it than those who have to get up at a specific time and start performing tasks. This phenomenon is known to young parents, whose life satisfaction drops sharply after becoming parents. This is largely due to the lack of control over their time, because their meals, sleep and free time are controlled by a 3.5 kg creature in a crib with a hippo merry-go-round.

Third, meet your expectations

This applies to the so-called causative power, which is the feeling that what you have and what you can have depends on you, your work and your effort. If you make a decision and can do it, you feel calm and confident . If you make resolutions (eg New Year’s Eve ), but nothing comes out of them, you finish and start the next days, saying only one word in your mind – “Fuck!”.

Fourth, take care of the right direction of movement

As you know, weekend rest has a much weaker effect on people in a bad life situation than on others, but why is it so? Shouldn’t a positive experience work the same for everyone? It is different because we all live in a context, and the direction in which our life unfolds is often more important than the current situation.

If you’re an actor who has an Oscar shelf and a bank account full of dollars, but is currently struggling with an image crisis and does not get any offers, you will probably feel worse than a young actor who is increasingly noticed and gets good reviews, but at the same time earns pennies. Why is he likely to be happier? Because the life of the former is getting worse and worse, and the latter is like a chart with an arrow pointing upwards.

If your overall situation resembles a downtrend, then even a great weekend will be tainted with the stress and anxiety of a bad overall situation. So what if you’re at the spa now, if any day soon you return to your unhappy work, dysfunctional relationship and apartment where the sink needs to be cleaned and repaired?

Fifth, happiness is others

If you want to be happy, you will not achieve it alone. The presence of close people around you is healing. Hugging lowers your stress levels. Knowing that you have someone to count on gives you more inner strength than anything else.

The experience of thousands of people proves that no matter how successful you are, because if you don’t have anyone to celebrate with, it’s just like winning a kilogram of onions in the lottery. A kind of win, but a bit of sadness nonetheless.

People are the most important and that’s why a beautiful childhood often has so little to do with branded clothes and toys from TV commercials. However, it has a strong relationship with dirty hands, falling on Coca-Cola in a glass bottle and meeting in your unusual places, which are objectively completely ordinary. But the important thing was that they were yours and that was enough to make them crazy, right?

Sixth, not missing out on what’s important

This is the most tricky element, because what is most important, it rarely screams the loudest. On the contrary, it seems solid and guaranteed, which is why it is so little appreciated. Every day we do not feel too much satisfaction in having ten fingers or the fact that we are in good health. Teens do not jump for joy at having almost limitless possibilities to shape their destiny. We treat our parents, partners and other parts of our life as something permanent, not something that makes us happy.


The problem is, when we lose it, it can poison us from within. We want to go back to the last auto-save and have the chances we missed again. To play out bad situations a bit differently. Don’t make these stupid mistakes. The chances of this, however, are as small. As that you will go on a trip to Ukraine and not drink vodka. All you can do is sit down from time to time, take a look. At your life from a distance and think, ” You don’t have this forever .”

This sentence clears the system. It makes you appreciate what you have more and makes you feel satisfied with where you are. Or to go jogging, because you just have the opportunity. Or pick up the phone and call your loved ones to tell them about your day, because although it sounds incredible now, someday only a dull tone can answer your phone.

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