Date Ideas – Surprise Your Significant Other in 2022!

Date Ideas – The coronavirus pandemic has tightened the creativity in dating. While there are certainly plenty of opportunities, there are far fewer places and date ideas. However, don’t get discouraged, just stimulate your imagination and think about new date ideas. It is said that for a wanting person – nothing difficult! Restaurants, cinema and theater are very hackneyed. TripTogether A crazy idea for a date will surely impress the other half, and both a man and a woman can come out with the initiative.

List of Date Ideas 2022

If you are looking for interesting date ideas, you want to surprise your significant other and show above-average creativity, use the few tips we have prepared for you. These date ideas are proven options that will appeal to both women and men. It doesn’t even matter that there is a limitation in the form of the coronavirus pandemic. You will have a lot of fun with this list!

Home Date Ideas

Theme Evening with Dinner

Invite the other half to your home and prepare a theme evening. This is a great idea for a date. Choose a country that will be your theme. Agree that you will also dress in the way characteristic of this place. Take care of decorations, music in a specific language, and also… the menu! Make cooking together the highlight of the evening. It’s a date idea that brings you very close. Together, you can get to know new tastes, boast about your culinary abilities or help if someone is completely ignorant of it. It is also great fun, lots of laughter and joy! Cook a dish that reigns supreme in a given country and find the recipe on the internet. You will not forget this idea for a date for the rest of your life!

Movie Night

What if you finally got to watch the old movies about Agent 007’s adventures? Organize a movie night for your significant other. Be sure to take care of candles, popcorn and maybe even a projector? Then you will be able to feel like you are in a real movie screening. Watch not one, not two, but three films from the same series and share your impressions and observations. This date idea will be perfect for movie fans and will allow you to combine your common passions. Talking about movies will also make you discover many of your new features, passions and interests. It’s definitely worth it!

Concert Online

We live in a time that, fortunately, gives us many opportunities. Another idea for a date at home is an online concert. The public Internet means that we can almost always watch the concerts by purchasing only access to them via a special platform. Establish a dress code and listen to amazing music together. Who knows, maybe this idea for a date at home will even end up singing or dancing TripTogether.Com? You never know what emotions the music will trigger in you, which, as we know, can do anything!

Shared Wine Tasting

Since the pandemic hit the world, many industries have moved their activities online. This is exactly the case with wineries that offer their customers the opportunity to taste wine at home with an online presentation. It is enough to order a starter kit in advance and sign up for the event. The wines will be delivered to the address indicated, and you and your other half can sit in front of the computer and, according to the instructions of the sommelier leading the presentation, enjoy the taste of wines from all over the world. This is an amazing date idea that will impress any wine lover!

Date Ideas - Surprise Your Significant Other in 2022!

Summer Date Ideas

A Ride Out of Town

If you both are fed up with the hustle and bustle of the city, get in the car and drive outside the city. Find a charming place – maybe a lookout tower, a lagoon, a beach or a clearing and take a walk enjoying nature. This is a great date idea for people who are very busy. During contact with nature, they will be able to oxygenate the body, and the conversation in such conditions will come easily and spontaneously.

Picnic by The Lake – Date Ideas

Since it’s impossible to go to a restaurant and the weather outside is beautiful, it’s worth packing a few snacks and drinks, a blanket, good mood and go on a picnic. Lying in the open, you can look at the clouds and imagine what their shapes resemble, or like Aphrodite and Zeus, feed each other a juicy grape. It’s the perfect date idea for romantics and introverts. Nobody will disturb you.

Walk Among The Lavender Fields

Make the most of June when lavender is blooming. You can find magical lavender fields in almost every place in Poland, among which a walk is not only a relief for the senses of smell, but also of aesthetics. From such a place you will also have a beautiful souvenir in the form of photos. It is the perfect date for people who appreciate small, simple gestures and the richness of nature.

Cycling Tour – Date Ideas

If you are active, get on a bike in summer and walk the streets of your city together. Visit your favorite places and show them to each other. It’s a great date idea to get to know yourself, your passions, plans, thoughts and dreams. In addition, you will burn a few extra calories, and during the bike trip you can stop for delicious, artisanal ice cream.

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Pandemic Date Ideas

A Long Walk Around The City

The pandemic has severely limited the creativity of people who are just starting to meet each other. However, walking will never go out of style and it is always a perfect idea for a date in beautiful weather. You can breathe fresh air, talk quietly or sit on a park bench or by the river.

Baking a Cake Together – Date Ideas

If you don’t want to go anywhere and prefer to hide at home, why not bake a dessert together? Choose the recipe that will suit your palate the most. Cooking and baking together is the perfect idea for a date. You will have a great time and there will certainly be some funny situations.

An Evening of Board Games – Date Ideas

Do you like board games and you have quite a large collection of them at home? Great! Offer your other half an evening of games for two. Then you will see who has a winning streak in them, or maybe both of you are great at it? This is the perfect idea for a date on rainy evenings when you can spend together and not watch a movie. This date is sure to be emotional and very lively!

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