Am I Ready for a New Relationship? Check These Signals

We are not always ready to enter into a new relationship. Some of us take a little longer to start dating and getting involved in new relationships again. You also have to be careful, because too much haste can lead to many problems and broken hearts. That is why it is worth sometimes slowing down and thinking – are you really ready for a new relationship? You can find the answer to this question in the following paragraphs.

After breaking up, you may feel a little lost. You probably don’t know when you should go back to dating and you are hesitant about whether you are ready to meet new men in YourChristianDate. It happens that the breakup causes an emotional storm in us that may interfere with our rational thinking and our ability to make decisions. As a recent single, and sometimes even “old”, we may go on dates from time to time, hang out with other singles, but we may not really know whether we are looking for another serious relationship or trying to fill a gap that has arisen in our life after breakup.

Each of us has a different way of coping with the breakup. Each person needs a different amount of time to survive the breakup and “heal” himself. However, when the moment comes that you start considering entering a new relationship, you may be wondering if you are really ready to accept someone new in your life.

Remember that only you can tell if it’s time to start building a new relationship. However, if you are looking for signals remember that they will never appear in the form of a huge billboard with big black letters saying to you “You’re ready!” Signs that you should look for, although subtle, are:

1. You are Not Trying At All Costs to End Your Loneliness

Often times, new failed relationships begin with just such a scenario. One or two people are trying hard to find someone to end the loneliness in their lives. It is no important person, it is important that thanks to her we can cope with the feeling of loneliness. Sometimes it is helpful in the recovery process, but it can also make you addicted to that person.

The feeling of loneliness is often an unpleasant feeling, but also common. So the sooner you learn to deal with this feeling, the better for you. Jumping into the arms of the other person is usually not the most effective way (considering the long term). Also remember that loneliness allows you to get to know yourself better and gives you room to take care of yourself to strengthen yourself for a new relationship.

2. You are Emotionally Available – A New Relationship

When we meet a new person with whom we are interested, one of the most important things is to be able to fully engage in the new relationship emotionally. We need to feel that we have a choice whether to love or not, and not feel an urgent need to plug the hole our ex has left behind.

It is also crucial to enter into each new relationship because YourChristianDate we want to, and not treat the new relationship as a means of revenge or dealing with the breakup with your ex. I don’t think I need to explain to you what effects can you build a new relationship on such foundations? You will both end up emotionally damaged and unhappy.

Am I Ready for a New Relationship Check These Signals

3. There is No More Anger in You – A New Relationship

One of the common ways we deal with breakups and the pain it causes us is through anger. There is nothing wrong with being angry at the person who left you or the whole situation. Anger can give you the energy you need to act in this difficult moment. It is certainly not good to suppress it within yourself. However, it is also certainly not good for you to stay in this state for too long. When you awaken it in you over and over again. So one way to tell if you are ready for a new relationship is to not have the anger associated with the end of the previous relationship.

4. You Don’t Compare Every Potential Partner You Meet with Your ex

Playing comparisons may mean that you haven’t finally parted with your ex. You may have done it physically, but emotionally you are still in a relationship with him. So when you date a man, do you notice any small resemblances that remind you of your ex? Haven’t you made your former some kind of role model to which you compare all other men?
Of course, there will be times when you will not be able to avoid some comparisons. It is absolutely natural for us. However, if you do it regularly and you can’t help it, it may be a sign that you need some more time to get out of your previous relationship.

5. There is No More “what if?” – A New Relationship

Do you know this phase? You still have questions like “what if I did this”, “what if he did that”. This phase is part of getting out of regret. You wonder about all the things you or he could have done differently. Maybe you even go one step further and consider what else you can do to save your relationship.

Let’s face it – you are considering scenarios that have little chance of being realized. Moreover, if you still hope to turn back time, you are still stuck in the past and there is no room for a new relationship in your life. Once you accept that what has happened as it happened, there will come a time when you will be able to learn from this experience. And from here it is a step to apply it in the present and take care of your better tomorrow.

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6. You Are Willing to Trust Someone Trust

problems in relationships are usually the result of betrayal or fraud in the past. It could be infidelity or a lie on a matter that is very important to you (finances, secrets from the past). And with confidence, it’s hard to get it the first time, and even more difficult to rebuild it after a series of lies.

The more often you fall victim to a distressed trust, the more difficult it can be for you to open up. Self-protection is normal and highly desirable. However, by putting up high walls around it, people who will want to reach you will crash into them. And they will disappear because they will feel rejected.

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